Why a Proper pH Balance is Essential to Good Digestion

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If the foods you eat are not being digested properly, your body is being deprived of the nutrients contained in the foods you consume. This means that no matter how much good food you eat, your body will think you are starving because the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins are not getting absorbed into your system. A pH level in the body that is too acidic will prevent the body from absorbing nutrients from the foods you consume.

So what is the body’s pH?

pH Experiment shws ble quid in test tubeIf your diet is too acidic your body’s pH is working against you. The majority of your body is water, about seventy percent. This means the body is full of different solutions and these can be low or high levels of acidity. PH actually stands for potential of Hydrogen and is a solution which is either alkaline or acid or alkaline-forming ions or acid-forming ions. The pH factor of any solution of the body is measured by the intensity of the hydrogen-ion. The higher the reading the more alkaline it is and the lower the more acidic. This will be a range anywhere between zero and fourteen. A happy medium range of seven is a neutral condition. These are generalized terms to give you an idea of what the body’s pH is all about. Your body constantly works to achieve and maintain a balance of the pH and when the pH is out of balance, many problems arise like indigestion and diseases. This also affects the body’s ability to shed unwanted stored fat.

The body needs to have a pH neutral range in order to function properly. In order to bring the pH levels to a balanced state the body will use up the sources of alkaline minerals which puts your body at risk for habitual diseases. When disease of any type sets in and persists, the body is damaged and the body’s system breaks down. This can take many years to emerge as a recognizable condition.

How do I help my body maintain a proper pH balance?
If the body is not alkaline enough it is unable to regenerate, protect and heal itself as it was designed to be able to do on your behalf. According to the studies about the body’s pH, the findings say that if the level is not on the alkaline side the body cannot remain healthy or repair any damage even if you are eating the healthiest of diets. The body is just not able to process minerals, food supplements and vitamins if it is out of balance.

When the body has a high acidic level or acidosis, it is not able to digest foods properly, mend cells that are damaged, handle metals in the system and therefore is prone to sickness and fatigue. There are a lot of factors that contribute to an over abundance of acid in the system. This can be from eating too many acidic foods, ingesting too many chemicals from processed foods, and built up emotional stress which releases a harmful chemical. Foods that are high in acid are generally starchy foods and animal proteins and should be combined with high water foods like green vegetables.

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