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Disease Fighting Foods

What are cancer fighting foods?
Healthy foods are more than just good for you because of the nutritional value they possess or because they are delicious but certain foods can prevent disease or even help in the cure. Foods that possess cancer prevention qualities are those that are common to everyday eating like tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, berries, certain bulk teas like green tea, foods with whole grains, the skin of red grapes and beans and the list goes on.

What foods are cancer-promoting foods?
Unfortunately there are foods that actually cause or at least contribute to cancer. Foods that are processed and contain ingredients like hydrogenated oils, sodium nitrate, artificial food colors, MSG and other preservative chemicals are considered cancer-promoting foods. Modern technology has made life a lot easier but has also created some real dangers to your health. Have you read the ingredient labels on the foods you eat? Pretty scary, isn’t it?

Refined foods that are found in white rice, white bread, cereals, crackers, and baked goods like cookies for instance have all been found to be directly connected to causes of cancer. Eating foods that require a lot of refining, especially white bread are really bad food choices not only because they are cancer-promoting foods but because they translate to sugar in your system and will end up as unwanted stored fat.

What type of diet is considered an anti-cancer diet?
Obviously a diet that contains the foods that have powerful ingredients for cancer-prevention should be a big part of this diet. Also, fighting cancer is about adding as much nutrition, minerals, and vitamins as possible. This is from the foods you eat as well as the drinks you choose. Drinking eight glasses of filtered water is essential for any diet as it keeps your body hydrated and flushes out impurities. A high fiber diet containing foods that have high fiber content like legumes or anything from the bean family, and broccoli or leafy vegetables for example are important ingredients to your cancer fighting diet. Any foods that contain antioxidants will be greatly beneficial like beans, apricots, and spinach to mention a few.

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Another important consideration in a cancer-prevention diet is to eat as many pure or organic foods as you possibly can. Organic foods are grown by farmers who do not use the chemicals and pesticides that others growers use to process their products. Instead of using chemical fertilizers and weed killers, the organic farmer will use manure to fertilize, mulch to keep the weeds under control and crop rotation to protect the plants. Even though organic foods, which should be labeled as such, are more expensive they are well worth the extra money.

Garlic cluster laying on wooden table top

Be sure to include as much fresh garlic in your diet as you can. Garlic is an amazing food that studies have found to be not only extremely advantageous in cancer-preventing but also helps with the colon, stomach and esophagus to promote good digestion. Try including a clove a day.

The real value of the garlic clove comes from the preparation.  When the garlic is diced or sliced or even minced it releases an inert compound which is called allicin.  This compound is known to release antioxidants that stop the cell from mutating which is what happens in cancer cells.  this is especially helpful when it comes to cancers of the esophagus, prostrate, colon, larynx, kidneys and ovaries.   these amazing properties are released not only from the cutting or chopping but from the cooking so it is best to cook garlic rather than eat it raw.  It does not matter how much you consume.  The more the merrier is what is recommended.  If you some reason you just do not like the taste of garlic added to your food you can use a supplement that contains the compound allicin. There are several choices but this one is Kosher and Gluten Free which can be a dietary consideration for a lot of people.

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Good old broccoli.  This is one of the best choices of vegetables for any diet.  It is considered a cruciferous vegetable and is one of the best foods for fighting cancer.  This is a MUST for multiple reasons.  It is an antioxidant because it is very rich in sulforaphane.  This is known to help the liver break down the toxins in your system that cause cancer and can even destroy them. Steamed broccoli is best as broccoli that is over-cooked will loose a lot of its nutritional value.  If you for some reason do not like broccoli you can use a supplement containing the same antioxidant agent, sulforaphane.

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Tomatoes are a favorite for most people.  Their rich red color comes from the antioxidant lycopene. This compound has been found to reduce the risk of prostrate cancer and may also be effective in reducing the risk of stomach and lung cancers.  Cooked tomatoes in any form releases the majority of the lycopene compound and if cooked with a little pure olive oil the absorption is enhanced.  Consume one-half cup of cooked tomatoes several times a week for optimal benefits.  If you are not a fan of tomatoes and their acid you can use a lycopene supplement.  If you like watermelon or guava you can also get your supply of lycopene.  Fresh raw tomatoes is a source of fiber.  Make a salad with fresh spinach, onion, tomato and bok choy and you have a masterpiece!

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Any type of greens, the darker in color the better, are known to help in the fight against cancer

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because their antioxidant properties can protect cells from mutating into cancer cells.  Spinach is one of the highest ranking vegetables in the the antioxidants needed to protect cells from damage of disease, including cancer.  A combination of lettuce and spinach in a salad or sauteed spinach should be a part of your menus as much as possible.  Use one cup of raw or one-half cup of cooked spinach.

raw salmon filets

Finally, cold-water fish like trout, sardines and salmon are very rich in omega-3 fats.  This makes eating these types of fish very beneficial in the fight against cancer.  they have a very potent anti-inflammatory benefit and consuming a limited amount of this type of fish oil at least once a week is good in fighting against colon, stomach, pancreatic and breast cancers.  Taking a fish oil supplement should be done according to the recommended amount or according to your doctor’s guidance.

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