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FAT BURNING FOODS, collage of grapefruit, green tea, coffee, berries, lentils, oats, salmon, turkey

Most people are aware that some foods burn more calories than they contain.  But, which foods are they?  these foods will act as metabolism boosters.  They can also make you feel very full and help you eat less.  Eating less means eating fewer calories. Your body has an internal furnace that burns up stored fat as well as the calories you are taking in as you consume foods.  These foods help to literally melt away calories. How great is that?

Here are ten foods that nutritionists credit with helping you burn fat…

hot peppers speeds metabolism capsaicin can take Cayenne Caps
green tea antioxidant that stimulates the body to break down stored fat cells norepinephrine sweeten with raw honey
oats burns up twice as many calories during the digestion process, can suppress appetite also very high fiber add to other foods
grapefruit helps your body dissolve fat and cholesterol belly-filling pectin fiber eat ½ for breakfast
turkey or chicken digestion sends metabolism into overdrive high thermogenic effect eat often
lentils takes the body longer to digest so burns fat faster, also fills you up so you consume fewer calories high in potassium add to other foods
fatty fish reduces your risk of heart disease, reduces cholesterol, and can help relieve arthritis and joint inflammation symptoms high in omega-3 fatty acids eat often
berries help keep your blood pressure down. This reduces your risk of heart disease and heart attacks antioxidants add to other foods, eat fresh
apples safe way to elevate your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels rich in antioxidants great snack
black coffee provides a big metabolic boost caffeine use in moderation
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