Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Cold Sores Overnight

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Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Cold Sores Overnight – Cold sores are an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, which is highly infectious and easily spread by touching an active sore. The infection causes a small, painful blisters, commonly called cold sores or fires, which, besides being unsightly, it also can easily spread the infection by simply contacting skin to skin.What is the cause of cold sores? This, common in the area of ​​the mouth, infection is caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), which usually infect people from a little before 20 years. Once a person suffers a primary infection, the virus is “numb” in the tissues of the face and sometime can reawaken, again causing nuisance fires.

How to get rid of cold sores overnight with home remedies

Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Cold Sores Overnight

Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Cold Sores Overnight

In most cases, the Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), which is usually easier to control. However, there have been cases of people with cold sores caused by herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), which is what causes genital herpes. In these cases it is transmitted when a person has had oral s*x and then had contact with the mouth.

The cold sore virus can spread easily from person to person when one of these has an active outbreak of herpes or injury. Therefore, avoid direct or close contact with someone who has cold sores and avoid touching the lesion or use something that has been in contact therewith, for example, razors, towels, dishes and other items .

Natural remedies to remove cold sores fast

How to stop a cold sore in just one night? With a simple trick of natural medicine we can get rid of cold sores in one night. The trick is to take advantage of the properties of garlic, because it acts as a natural antibiotic, capable of stopping the action of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Garlic contains nitrogenous substances, sodium, potassium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, hydrogen sulfide, phosphoric acid, vitamin C, D, B, phytosterols and essential oils. It also contains a compound called allicin that according to investigations, has a strong bacteriostatic effect which helps cure infections quickly. In fact, many studies claim that garlic may work better than pharmaceutical antibiotics, plus it has no side effects.

garlic to cure cold sores overnightGarlic also helps to improve blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular problems, it is recommended for people with diabetes, it helps reduce cholesterol, fights free radicals and helps prevent a lot of diseases.Trick to get rid of cold sores in one nightChop or shred very well a clove of garlic. Then, put it directly on cold sores or fire. If the cold sore is large, repeat the treatment several times with new pieces of garlic. Leave the garlic paste for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. The remedy may cause itching or burning, but these symptoms disappear within seconds. In addition, garlic can relieve pain immediately and can kill cold sores within hours. If not removed, it is recommended to repeat again in the evening to get good results.

Get rid of cold sores overnight with garlic

Another option to remove cold sores is to apply garlic paste, cover with a bandage and leave it on all night. The next morning you should wash and notice how the fire has significantly dried.Prevent another infectionFinally, remember that cold sores can easily spread through various personal items. Therefore, once the fire cure, you should throw away your toothbrush, lipsticks, lip products, towels or razors, among other things. It is likely that these items have been contaminated with the herpes virus, which could spread further use of new infection.

It is also important to use sunscreen to prevent new outbreaks. Avoid direct sunlight, as this could lead to a new outbreak of cold sores. That is all simple natural home remedies to get rid of cold sores overnight.

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