HCG Vegetarian Diet Plan

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HCG Vegetarian Diet Plan – Do you want to lose weight? Do you currently overweight and looking for a quick but effective way to lose weight? What is the hCG diet plan? This diet was first introduced by British physician, Dr. ATW Simeon in the 1950s. He is studying the effects of the use of the hormone HCG (chorionic gonadotropin hormone) as a tool for weight loss in obese patients, and found that HCG, a natural hormone in the body, can cause the human body to metabolize abnormal fat reserves and reprogram hypotalamus. In the previous article discuss about Dr OZ Detox Diet Today Show

HCG diet has been applied more than 50 years and became one of the most popular diet program. Some television networks have covered this diet, such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News and even Oprah Show.

And the HCG diet has been proven to make a lot of people who live it said weight loss is impressive, the average dropped from 0.2 to 04 kg per day. Weight loss program with the hCG diet plan reported to be effective, especially in people who have long struggled to lose weight for years and want to lose weight in large quantities (over 10 kg).

Since created, thousands of people have tried this diet, some of them successfully lose weight quickly and efficiently. HCG diet plans focus on low calorie foods, followed by a small dose of the hormone hCG, which bear fruit at a faster metabolism, so naturally the body’s metabolism is accelerated, thereby helping dispose of unwanted body fat.

HCG Vegetarian Diet Plan

Very nice effect of this HCG diet is to lose weight quickly. Some dieters have reported successfully reduce weight by 40 lbs (18 kg equivalent) in just 6 weeks, or approximately 0.4 kg per day. Another effect is, this diet plan generally does not cause hunger in the offender, or other symptoms commonly experienced by those who want to lose weight quickly. Thank You for reading HCG Vegetarian Diet Plan.

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