Edible Flowers – How to Use Them to Dress Up Your Beverage

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Pansy Flowers, 4 different pics with different colored pansies

Edible flowers can be used in a variety of interesting ways and they will not only be unusual but very impressive and tasty as well. Some add flavors like adding herbs will do for your recipes and others have their own wonderful fresh flavors.
Burdock and Queen Anne's Lace
One very creative and beautiful way to use the blossoms of flowers is by making them into delectable ice cubes for festive drinks. Any time you are using flowers for eating or cooking ingredients it is imperative that they are rinsed carefully to get any residue from pesticides off the petals or the blossoms. You can purchase flowers that were grown without pesticides or if you grow your own be sure to use organic growing medium.

To make your flower ice cubes you will first bring water to a boil for about two minutes. Take the water from the heat and leave to cool down to the temperature of the room. The reason for doing this is to make sure that the ice cubes will freeze clear and beautiful. Put a flower or arrange a couple petals at the bottom of each ice cube section of the ice cube tray. Only fill the tray half way up with the room temperature water and let it freeze solid. Then you can finish filling each compartment of the ice cube tray to the top with the rest of the water that you boiled. Let this freeze solid and it is ready for use when you are ready to dress up your beverage.

Ice Cubes with Edible Flowers...Oh My!

Ice cubes with edible flowers are great additions to your Valentine’s Day celebration or any romantic or special occasion. They are guaranteed to delight and impress. Another way to impress your guests or make a very romantic treat is to make tea using the petals of edible flowers.

The ratio you will need to make a tasty and beautiful cup of tea is one cup of boiled water with one tablespoon of petals from edible flowers. For instance, the romantic and aromatic rose makes a lovely tea drink using either the petals from the rose or the hips. This rose petal tea drink has a little tangy taste with a light floral aroma and flavor. This is a great tea to serve at a lady’s party like a shower or woman’s group.

If you are serving an iced tea then the edible flower ice cubes will be a wonderful addition. Edible flowers make delightful candied treats when they are crystallized and will go well along with your flower pedal tea.

Homegrown Edible Flowers, flower pot with red flowers
Spicy Edible Flowers great to add to salads or eat alone but FLOWER ONLY
Salad with Edible Flowers
Edible Flowers added made any recipe special!

Elegant Party Food us a table setting of party dishes garnished with flowers you can eat, flowers in finger sandwiches
Party Time – Add Edible Flowers to finger sandwich and magic happens!

Edible Flowers and Herbs Home Garden
Grow you own edible flowers and herbs at home.Beautiful and tasty.


List of edible flowers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of edible flowers.
Caution: Other parts than the flowers of the plants mentioned in this list may be poisonous.

This is an incomplete list that may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with entries that are reliably sourced.
Scientific name Flavor Color Common name
Abelmoschus esculentus Vegetal Medium-yellow Okra
Allium schoenoprasum Onion Lavender-pink Chives
Althaea Vegetal White, pink, red Marshmallow plant
Anethum graveolens Herbal Yellowish-green Dill
Antirrhinum majus Bitter Wide range Snapdragon
Anthriscus cerefolium Herbal White Chervil
Bellis perennis Mildly bitter Pink Daisy
Borago officinalis Anise Lilac [1] Starflower
Brassica oleracea Spicy Green Cabbage, etc.
Calendula officinalis Slightly bitter Yellow, orange Marigold
Centaurea cyanus Vegetal White, pink, blue Cornflower
Chrysanthemum Strong Wide range Chrysanthemum
Cichorium intybus Herbal Blue Chicory
Cucurbita pepo Vegetal Yellow [2] Squash, etc.
Dianthus Sweet clove Wide range Carnation
Eruca sativa Spicy White Arugula
Foeniculum vulgare Mildly anise Yellow-green Fennel
Galium odoratum Sweet, nutty, vanilla White Woodruff, etc.
Helianthus annuus Varies Yellow Sunflower
Hemerocallis Vegetal, sweet Wide range [3] Daylily
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Mildly citrus Rose, red Chinese hibiscus
Lavandula Sweet, perfumed Lavender Lavender, etc.
Levisticum officinale Celery White Lovage
Lonicera japonica Sweet White to pale yellow Japanese honeysuckle
Malus Floral White to pink Apple, etc.
Matricaria recutita Sweet apple White Camomile
Mentha Minty Purple Mint, etc.
Monarda didyma Minty, sweet, hot Wide range Bergamot, etc.
Ocimum basilicum Herbal White, lavender Basil
Passiflora Vegetal Purple Passion flower
Pelargonium Varies Wide range Geranium
Phaseolus vulgaris Vegetal Purple Common bean
Rosa Perfumed Wide range Rose
Rosmarinus officinalis Herbal Blue Rosemary
Salvia elegans Sweet, fruity Red Pineapple sage
Salvia officinalis Herbal Purple-blue Common sage
Sambucus canadensis Sweet White American elderberry
Syringa vulgaris Varies Lavender Lilac
Tagetes patula Bitter Yellow, orange French marigold
Tagetes tenuifolia Spicy, herbal Yellow French marigold
Taraxacum officinale Sweet, honey-like Yellow Common dandelion
Thymus Herbal White Thyme
Tilia Honey-like White Linden, etc.
Trifolium pratense Sweet Red Red clover
Tropaeolum majus Spicy, peppery Wide range Indian cress, etc.
Tulipa Vegetal Wide range Tulip
Viola odorata Sweet, perfumed Purple, white Common violet
Viola tricolor Wintergreen Purple and yellow Heart’s ease, etc.

List of poisonous flowers

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pink flower, Oleander

Oleander flowers in Maharashtra, India.

all blue flowers are poisonous

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

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