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DR OZ Healthy Mayo Clinic Diet – dr oz healthy mayo, dr oz mayo replacement, mayo diet is now widely favored as an option to lose weight in a healthy manner. diet mayo increasingly popular after a number of people successfully lose weight within 12-14 days. mayo diet comes from the Mayo Clinic in the United States to design a diet with a nutritionally balanced food consumption. mayo diet regulate daily diet with foods high in protein, low in calories and no carbs. before this article we also discuss information about Carefully apply the Blood Type Diet O, A, B, AB

Diet mayo many choices start with a variety of vegetables, fruits, and foods high in protein. mayo diet for the general public is to regulate the consumption of food with only 500-800 calories per day. mayo diet which is widely used in the US is by diet without carbohydrates and salt. In the body, carbohydrates and salt water binding. Therefore foods that do not contain carbohydrates and salt will make you lose weight because of loss of water in the body.

Mayo Diet Menu

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When there is no intake of carbohydrates, the body will take up the sugar. Water will be a lot out, and the result will be reduced weight. Consumption of high protein diet mayo will make you satisfied although not eat rice containing carbohydrates. Diet mayo set menu with foods that are not fried, but boiled, steamed, or roasted. Those who successfully lose weight with this diet because it follows the rules of the diet that has been prescribed for morning, noon, and night for two weeks. Diet plan mayo should drink plenty of water about 8 glasses per day.

For this mayo diet should consult first with your doctor or nutritionist. With consultation, you can make sure whether it is suitable to use diet mayo. Doctors and nutritionists also can provide a good food menu for diet mayo.

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