dr oz cabbage soup recipe
dr oz cabbage soup recipe

Dr OZ Cabbage Soup Recipe | Detox Cabbage Soup Diet

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Hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome back to Dr OZ Cabbage Soup Recipe | Detox Cabbage Soup Diet. Today I have a delicious Dr. OZ Cabbage Soup for you which is perfect for. If you are doing that Cabbage Soup diet or if you just want a wonderful warm winter soup.This dr oz cabbage soup recipe is super easy and can be made in a crockpot or stove top. In a crock pot its going to take about five hours on low heat while stove top, it will only take about an hour of simmering. Without further ado let’s get going. We’re going to start by adding our chopped cabbage, right in. You’re just going to shred it all up and chop it long ways. Previously post ; Best Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Variations.

This cabbage is going to cook down so its ok if it looks like it is taking up lots of your crock. After that you are going to go ahead and add two chopped green bell peppers or in my case I used one orange and one green just to add a little bit of extra color. We’re then going to add some chopped celery, about eight to ten stalks. And then two whole chopped white onions. Now 32 ounces of a beef brothI used Natures Promise.

Right into your crock. And then we’re going to do 32 ounces of a vegetable stock, not a broth a stock. Next up one larger can of diced tomatoes. And two cups of water. We’re getting full here. Now a couple of bay leaves. And two or three cloves of chopped fresh garlic. Give that a stir. Now time for our spices. We’re going to do basil and oregano. And then we’re also going to do parsley and fresh cracked pepper. Just to your liking.

dr oz cabbage soup recipe
dr oz cabbage soup recipe

Give it a nice sprinkle of each. And last step. If its in a crock pot go ahead and cover it and let it cook on low for about five hours. If you chose to do this recipe stove top, definitely let it simmer for at least an hour because you want to have lots of time for all of your flavors to mix together and taste really awesome. And your vegetables to cook down. I know we look a little bit full, but like I said that cabbage shrinks up when we cook and then we have a delicious soup here for you. And here’s the finished product guys, it is absolutely delicious.

Dr OZ Cabbage Soup Recipe Video

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It tastes fantastic and the best part, it’s not so bad for you. This soup can easily be used for the cabbage soup diet that you can easily find online. It can also be enjoyed as a delicious meal. Now guys please subscribe to guntursapta.com with new recipes every Tuesday and Thursday. I’d love to see you here in my kitchen. If you have any questions
make sure to comment below or tweet whatever you want to do, I’d love to hear from you. And other then that guys I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

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