Divider and Trellis Pretty Metal Cutting

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The period before the industrial revolution, the decorative element is done manually. Kind of limited, such as sculpture, sculpture and painting. The rapid development of technology, more and varied decorative elements. Technology laser machine can precisely cut steel and precision, resulting in a divider and decorative elements such as trellises.

Flexible Style
Steel material is used as a structural element. The shape is rigid and robust nature makes it rarely used as a decorative element. Thanks to a computerized laser technology, beautiful motifs can be applied in the sheet metal. Finishing paint with beautiful colors that can eliminate stiff and strong impression on steel. Besides applied in Modern style interior, divider and cutting metal trellis applied in traditional style, Shabby Chic to Classic. Motifs and color finishing make this element becomes more flexible. Traditional styles can use batik patterns with colors that are not flashy. Motifs of flowers with a white bandage can customize the style of Shabby Chic.

Custom own motives!
Divider and cutting metal trellis to our own custom patterns and colors.