Discover the How and Why of Making Wheat Germ a Daily Food Choice

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Want a power boost to your diet? There is an easy and a natural way to turn your daily diet into a powerhouse of nutrition. Here is the amazing truth about wheat germ and why anyone who is health conscious uses it as a regular part of their food intake. Wheat germ packs an impressive amount of nutrients into its tiny package. There are twenty-three nutrients contained in one small serving of wheat germ which is more than any other grain or vegetable.

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Exactly what is wheat germ?
Actually the germ is a very small kernel that is just a tiny percentage of the whole wheat plant. The germ of the wheat plant is not about bacteria but is about the germination process of the plant. The part of the plant that forms the wheat grass is the germ.

So what is the nutritional value of wheat germ?
Although wheat germ is not technically a ‘food’ it is considered a high protein substance with about twenty-eight percent of the germ as protein. Proteins are essential elements for a healthy body. There are a large number of nutrients contained in the tiny germ of the wheat plant. Those that are in the highest percentages of the plant are zinc, magnesium, calcium and riboflavin plus important vitamins like Vitamin B1, B3 and A. This is where the energy boost comes in from eating wheat germ on a daily basis. These are also the vitamins that promote healthy muscles, hair, skin and organs.
Besides these vitamins there is a large quantity of Vitamin E which provides a source of antioxidants the body needs to fend off diseases. It is not only about preventing diseases like cancer and heart disease but is about slowing the aging process. Even more importantly Vitamin E can build the immune system and help to prevent blood clots. Body builders and athletes love wheat germ because of will help to improve their levels of endurance and blood flow or cardiac abilities. Those who lift weights and want huge muscles use the wheat germ to bulk up and maintain peak performance levels.

How can you use wheat germ?
Adding wheat germ to your foods will add calories but they are good calories. It is not necessary to eat huge amounts in order to reap the benefits. If you bake your own bread you can use the germ in place of a small amount of the flour. It is actually not a pungent taste but is pleasant with a rather nutty and sweet flavor. Lots of food items already contain small amounts of the germ like certain flours, breads and cereals. Read your labels. It is also easy to add this to foods like vegetables, eggs, casseroles, yogurt and smoothies. The flavor is a pleasant addition to most foods and is not too strong so it is up to your imagination how you want to incorporate this amazing nutrition source.

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