Design and Window Names

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There are many window designs are applied on the facade of the house. Many of us do not know that windows has a name. We tend to prefer simple and understandable terms to refer to the type of window we mean. As the round windows, bay windows, roof windows and so on. There is no harm in knowing you know the foreign name of the kinds of windows that actually are familiar in our daily lives.

Bay window

Bay window is an indented area to the front facade of the building, and mainly functioned as a window. Bay window creates a sunken area in the building, whether or polygonal cube. While many are just used as a window, there is also a bay window to create a space in it. Angles are commonly used for this window is 90, 135 and 150 degrees. Bay windows are often associated with Victorian architecture and part of the Gothic Revival style. This window became popular in the 1870’s.

Bull’s eye window

Round window that we usually encounter in this facade in French called Oeil-de-boeuf, or in English called Bull’s eye window. Bull’s eye window is usually applied on the top floor or the top of the facade, but often used in the door. Bull’s eye window commonly found in buildings of the French Baroque.


The windows are located on the left and right side of the main door named sidelight. The form adjusts vertically oriented doors and narrow. This window is usually applied in spaces that require adequate lighting. Sidelight can be applied to one side of it, not necessarily symmetrical on both sides of the door. Curtains or miniblinds can be used on the inside to keep your privacy. Another option to keep your privacy by using stained glass or frosted glass.


Fanlight is a window with a semicircle or half-ellipse that looks like an open fan because of the effect of the barriers on the glass. It is on the top of a door or window and seen together. While many fanlight apply permanently, there is also the hinge on the ledge. Because usually the skeleton in the glass forming patterns of sunlight, another term for the sunburst light fanlight.


His name is difficult to pronounce because it comes from Russia, which means a small ventilation window. Fortochka usually fused with the windows permanently. A patch is installed permanent window hinges and can be opened for natural penghawaan space in it. Fortochka widely used in former Soviet countries such as Russia, are also widely used in Finland.