Crash Diet
Crash Diet

The Crash Diet – Crash Diet Suggestions

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Hello, Jocylyne Smith here and thanks for checking out my crash diet blog. A lot of the information Ive detailed here are the exact methods Ive incorporated into my own successful journey to a healthier fit body. The focus of this information is not to drop 30 lbs in one week, however by practicing these crash diet tips, you can jump start your metabolism which will translate into healthy weight loss. All the suggestions and resources Ive listed here are all natural and contain no type of synthetic pills or crazy unnatural metabolism enhancers.

Thanks again for stopping in and if you ever have a question, feel free to contact me using the link above. Id be happy to help you on your way to a fit lifestyle. Previous post Crash Diet 1 Week 5 Kilo.

Crash Diet
Crash Diet

Is a Crash Diet Unhealthy?

Like anything used to the extreme a crash diet where you completely starve your body of essential nutrients can be extremely harmful. This type of activity is not what Im suggesting in this blog and if you adopt some of the suggestion detailed below, youll not only have a healthier diet, but notice fairly immediate changes in the way your body processes the foods you eat. Here are some helpful tips to get started:

Many studies show that by starving yourself your body will actually go into lock-down mode and consequently your metabolism will slow down. This is a defense mechanism our bodies have that helps to prevent starvation when humans were unable to locate a food source for extended periods of time. We can however use this to our advantage by tricking the body into burning calories and fat faster by increasing the number times you eat per day, yet decreasing the size of the portions and calorie intake.

Eating several small healthy snacks per day can have a tremendous effect on your metabolism if done correctly. Just be careful not to load up on to many carbs in these snacks as they can be later converted in to sugar which can raise your insulin levels. Good food choices for snacks include low fat yogurt, a side of broccoli, hard boiled egg, a grapefruit and many other healthy items. Eat a small healthy snack every few hours and your body will begin to expect this food on a schedule and in turn, your metabolism will increase.

This program worked for me and it will work for you.

Foods That Increase Metabolism

Believe it or not many foods can help you immediately boost your metabolism and after just a few weeks of adding them to your crash diet, youll start noticing the results. Heres a short list of liquids and foods that should be included in your crash diet:

1) Try Green Tea Many studies have been conducted that show that consuming a daily dosage of green tea will help increase your metabolism and aide in weight loss. As an added bonus, green tea contain anti-oxidants which can cleans the body toxins and help prevent most types of cancer. Green tea can be purchased at most local grocery chains and has a refreshing taste. Adding green tea to your crash diet food list is always a smart choice.

2) Drink a lot of Water . Water not only fills you up to reduce hunger cravings, recent studies show that it actually may aide in quickly speeding up your metabolism. Its an extremely healthy choice and is readily available everywhere in ample supply. Replace diet soft drinks with a glass of water during your crash diet and youll notice the positive results.

3) Consume Fresh Florida Fruits like Grapefruit and Oranges. These wonderful gifts of nature pack a tremendous load of vitamin C and in recent studies show that grapefruits actually contain a unique chemical make-up that aide the body in quickly burning fat and speeding up the metabolism of your body. These results happened over just a few weeks which show that Florida citrus fruit can be an incredible addition to your healthy crash diet.

4) Add a Southwest Twist to Dinners with Peppers. Its not a myth as sever studies show that Jalapeno and Cayenne peppers contain a chemical known as Capsaicin which has many beneficial properties that can quickly boost the rate in which your body burns calories and fat. Other beneficial effects of chile peppers include stress release which is always a good thing during any crash diet.

5) Add a Side Dish of Green Veggies Broccoli . for one is an incredible metabolism enhancer as it contains generous portions of calcium which has been linked to weight loss. Broccoli is also packed full of vitamin C and generally a low calorie food to include in any diet plan.

How Much Weight Can I lose With a Crash Diet?

In most peoples minds, the point to a crash diet is to lose a lot weight in a short period of time. My suggestion of a crash diet is not to overdue your immediate weight loss, as losing to much weight to fast can be really unhealthy. The purpose of a successful crash diet is for you to change your eating and exercise habits in a way that initially, you do actually lose some quick weight and this gives you the confidence and frame of mind to continue eating healthy for prolonged gradual weight loss.

If youre participating in a weight loss program, evaluate what kind of success rate you honestly think youll have with the diet. A diet program could have incredible results for others, however if its not something youre going to stay consistent with, then youre not going to get the results that others using the same diet may have experienced.

Whichever diet program you decide to participate in, make sure that youre receiving all the essential nutrients your body needs. Never risk your health just to lose a few pounds because in most cases, youll end up losing muscle instead and overtime just gaining the fat right back. Be smart and use common sense when it comes to your crash diet and youll find after a few weeks youre starting to trim up.

If you really want to have a successful crash diet, enjoy your favorite vegetables more often. The more colorful the better as they contain more of the essential vitamins which allow your metabolism to speed up and start burning fat.

This healthy crash diet plan completely changed my life.

Green vegetables are loaded with potassium, zinc, vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin c, and vitamin k. This powerful combo of nutrients help improve blood flow and increase airflow within your lungs. Other great tasting vegetables that can actually reduce your cravings for sweets are carrots, beets, yams, sweet onions and more.

Many Fruits can also be beneficial to quickly lose weight. Fruits provide many nutrients that can help prevent cancer as well as being an incredible source of fiber. Anyone seriously considering a healthy crash diet, should include a generous portion of fruits and vegetables with every meal.

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